Saturday, April 28, 2012


Welcome to my blog 13 Mockingbirds. I live in a 235 year old farmhouse in Ontario, Canada with my husband where I design and we make pine furniture. We combine reclaimed old pine with new pine to create unique one of a kind pieces. I do my finishes to give the pieces an aged look as if they have been used by families many years ago.

We create lovely pieces of all shapes and sizes for many purposes.

This is a wood box we made from pieces of an old Quebec dresser that was very damaged. We save as much of the old wood as we can.

We also make some nice outdoor pieces like this Herb Table. You can sit here on a sunny day sipping tea and taking in the aroma of the herbs.

We make smaller pieces like this Scandinavian Market Box which is very funtional.

We make our pieces in our studios overlooking the cattle in the field. Each piece is made with the care I would take as if it were going into my own home, which many of them have.

I also have two other blogs. WICKED FAERIE QUEEN is my lifestyle and decor blog where I also promote my Etsy shops WICKED FAERIE QUEEN and LUCYS GARDEN. My other blog LUCYS GARDEN is a gardening and foodie blog. Stop by sometime for a visit.

Soon I will be posting pictures of some of our latest pieces and I will update often. Feel free to e-mail me if you are interested in any of my work and do stop by my Etsy shops.


  1. I sure love the look of your new blog! WOW! The background is GORGEOUS! Your furniture is exquisite and I love that market box!

  2. LOVE what you have already, can't wait to see what else you add.

  3. Your new blog is beautiful! I love the whole Renaissance flare. Your creative spirit just soars. Hugs, Mina